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First Presbyterian Church

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First Presbyterian Church [fall.2008]
Colorado Springs, CO
Trahan Architects

Design Team led by Ed Gaskin
Michael Mccune, Blake Fisher, Luis Quinones, Emma Chammah, Erik Herrmann, Christian Rodriguez

In response to existing facilities characterized by church leadership as “fortress-like”, a new atmosphere of accessibility permeates the master plan and worship areas. Forbidding street walls are replaced by a forecourt plaza, supplemented with bookstore, cafe and generous landscape space. Open space as urban counterpoint draws a strategy from the Palmer Plan, Colorado Springs’ original and still relevant master plan. Linkages between new and existing facilities creates a unified campus experience. Most important is the climate controlled promenade connecting existing narthex to new narthex and providing access to a series of lobbies and atriums between.

Rather than rely on overt signs of church, the design reinvigorates church identity through a fresh engagement with fundamental and timely issues. An ensemble of vaulted canopies rise and encircle, like great trees, a single room for 1750 worshippers.